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Sky painter Langkajie, Tangka shines in Beijing
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An exhibition featuring 70 Tangkas pieces painted by Langkajie and his successors were on show at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing Saturday. It is the first time Langkajie's work Nirvana comes to Beijing.

Born in the 17th century, Langkajie is a celebrated Tangka master. Langkajie, meaning a venerable painter who decorates the sky, is not his real name but an honored title to him for his exquisite works. In Langkajie's Tangka, the sky has six to seven color layers and is connected with earth harmoniously. Hence he was also called "sky painter".

Different from other style of Tangkas that use yellow as the key color, Langkajie uses a deep green. And his works are based on perspective with clear objects at the front and blurry ones at the back.

In the past 400 years, his successors inherited Langkajie's art style and are now at the 12th generation of inheritors.

In 2008, Langkajie Tangkas, was listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage in Sichuan province.

There are currently 25 transmitters of Langkajie Tangkas.

Avalokite?vara with Thousands of Hands and Eyes, Langkajie and his successors' work.


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